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Finally some more official announcement xD

Yes the hunting season is over, but if anyone didnt get the requested horse yet and wasn't notified why,
can comment in this journal and remind me of that! ^^"

Just as last year, this year's imports will also be reclaimed if theres just very little activity for one whole year.
(This means that after catching the horse, they have to be properly bonded with a person/trained for a discipline
and enter at least one competition. If that is complete there is no more restriction ever again to keep the horse forever xD
So noo..there wont be each year some weird stalking if the horse is fine lol)


Sorry for the delay on many imports , christmas business was quiite massive.
Gonna try to pick up a steady pace with the designs again x)
would be nice if you ALWAYS NOTE the group with the letters AND sketches , comments will get lost...

a cheerful ahoy to everyone!
The group now officially can announce the import season 2013 is open,
our Hunters in Obertauern arrived to check out the herds!

A FEW CHANGES got to be explained on how to request an Import:
here are the steps to import horses.

To Request a Horse

:bulletblue: Send a NOTE to the group ....
-tited "Obertaurer Import"
-explain why you want one in a short description
-show off 3 recent Event activities
(links to show images. If theres not much activity you might be declined)
-If you got adopted/imported horses of any breed in your stable,
show some of their career like their reference and a little bit of their life at your stable
(to make sure you take good care of adopted/imported horses. Not necessary if its your first import)

:bulletblue: If your accepted write the traditional IMPORT LETTER
(like this->… )
-now theres a guarantee if you get to write the letter, you sure get a horse.

:bulletblue: What needs to be in the Letter:
-Why your stable is requesting one
-what the horse's future would look like (discipline etc..)
-what color and gender you wish for (keep in mind there wont be undesired color imports for the breed)
-max. 2 horses per stable

:bulletblue: Draw a Sketch of the horse
-just a simple (keyword. simple) sketch of your Ober x)
-You can draw their personality visible in the sketch coz of their pose
-the sketch will be used as sort of collab, it will be lined and colored in the coat you wished for in the letter.
-view this as a support for the hunters XDD
plus i love lining stranger sketches xP


Requirements to request an Obertaurer

:bulletwhite: Active stable as in stable life or events.
:bulletwhite: Not necessarily HARPG
:bulletwhite: I can decline requests if i feel like theres a lack of personality in the horses at your stable,
and your basically hoarding designs xP
:bulletwhite: Might be very picky about artists who trace and dont give proper credit to refs. photographers are artists too just sayin.


last years imports ARE NOW reclaimed who didnt show up more than a ref, it has been told.
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weird question I know, lol, but how did you make your breed popular pretty quickly? o.o because I have a breed thats just now getting up and on its feet :/ and it feels like its taking FOREVER to get it to be at least known a little bit Dx 
abosz007 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
You dont make anything popular pretty quickly ^^" its a lot of time and effort one gotta put into them, lots of showing your own breed around dA events to make them prove what they promise and let them have a very own history to be unmistakable. Just patience with that. 
alright :) thank you very much, speaking of which I like your breed a lot can you affiliate with me? if you do affiliate
King-Simon Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2014
I am either blind or stupid but i can't find it anywhere so i'll ask; do you have to be a part of the HARPG group itself to own an obertaurer? I remember looking into it a few years ago and i think you hadto be back then..? Just want to make sure :aww: 
MoonyArsaraidh Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Small question...for the journey to the horses have to be alone there or can they also be under saddle?
abosz007 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
anything xDD
MoonyArsaraidh Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danke ^^ *weiterkritzelt am Bild*
blackwing-fang Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Should I resend in my request note and sketch lines? I have been waiting and am worried it was lost in the flood of comments
abosz007 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
yees better re send sorry was a bit off here! x'D
blackwing-fang Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Student General Artist
All good hun ^^ I do not mind
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